I Feel… Normal

Many things are going well in my life recently. I sleep and wake up happy (no thought about committing suicide or something like that). I feel normal. I love my job. I enjoy it everytime (although I whine sometimes =D). I have great times with my friends. I get along quickly with my friends at work. I just feel… normal.

But I always have this thinking on my mind, that nothing lasts forever. Not a single thing. Everything’s changing and you may lose your so-called normal life in a blink of an eye. Not that I care so much about it, but being normal (in my case, normal is when I dont think about suicide) is kinda fun.


20 thoughts on “I Feel… Normal

    • om… kalo dinosaurus lain itu takut ngedeketin pas saya lagi ga normal, dia ga bakal bisa deketin saya meskipun saya lagi normal… 😐

  1. I feel normal toooo~~~
    Tanpa khawatir takut dikejar dosen ditanya mau ngasih judul apa..
    Bangun dengan sukacita, tanpa pusing nanti mau kerja apaan..

    I envy your job, mbak.. Stay normal, please 😀

    *lagi baik nih ga manggil OM* 😐

  2. Tante tante.. Masa suka mikirin buat bunuh diri?
    Ahem, sungguh ngga elit.
    Mikirin tuh ya buat nikah, punya anak, punya cucu, gituloh Tante. *disepak*


    Oh, well. Saya merasa seperti stranger sekarang di dunia per-blog-an. Errr, halo tante, ini Dhila loh. 🙂

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